What are the top five or ten daily disciplines that would make every day a happy day irrespective of outer circumstances, and would gently culminate into the deep contentment of knowing your life was well lived?

My top ten daily disciplines:

(1) Chanting and meditation: Divine sound and silence
(2) Exercise and deep breathing: Awakening the cells
(3) Visualizing and affirming my goals: Creating my reality
(4) Learning something new in the fields I love: Constant improvement
(5) Deep listening, authentic speaking and spontaneous hugging: Glowing relationships
(6) Sun gazing and EFT: Outer and inner energy management
(7) Writing in my gratitude journal: Counting my blessings
(8) Serving and connecting with others: Life is for giving love
(9) Remembering my spiritual teachers with love and tuning into their elevated consciousness: Being a pure channel of blessings
(10) Reflecting on the day lived and planning the day ahead the night before: Conscious Living

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