The art of being a team player and communicator is largely dependent on our ability to hold a meaningful and constructive dialogue. Individual and group effectiveness increases considerably when the process of action has been preceded by intense dialogue and deliberation. Developing these skills can have far reaching consequences in our personal and professional lives.

This programme teaches the basic ground rules and agreements that foster meaningful dialogue. It shows that asking for something with belief, positively and persistently, can have amazing results! Through the age-old technique of dialogue you can:
• Learn how to access the wisdom of the group
• Become aware of the role assumptions play in decision making and conflicts
• Understand a critical leadership skill for creating a learning organisation
• Learn the ‘Power of Asking’
Minimum number of participants required: 10
How it has helped:
The session on dialogue as a tool, including some practice, was the best learning experience and will be useful in day-to-day work. The audio-visual materials/stories selected reinforced the concepts every well. Will definitely try such tools in future.
- Participant Mastek